Smart Ideas: Hydroponics Revisited

Think Like a Plant, Act Like Hydroponics

What a plant requires for growth must have been pointed out to you by your science teacher. You could recall that they gave water, light and oxygen as the necessary factors. Somehow soil never made it to these list. You asked why since ever since you are born, depending on where it is all plants were grown on soil. They might have pointed out what a good question it was and that they would provide an answer only for both of you to forget and just like that it was history. Coming back to know it would only be fair that you get your answer. Sharing with you what I’ve gathered on hydroponics gardening might just help answer the question.

There are a bunch of ways to describe hydroponic gardening but the easiest is that it is soil-less. If you have water, oxygen, light and nutrients then you are good to go. Mediums such as vermiculite, rock wool, sands and gravel can actually be used to sustain the growth process. What is left to do is get a porous container to help with drainage. If you are doing it indoors sodium bulbs can be of great help when it comes to lighting. All you have to do is to find crops that fit the description of whatever hydroponic growing you are planning to do and just like that you are ready to go.

So why the campaign for hydroponics that may be what you are interested in. For starters , the growth rate is between thirty to fifty percent higher than that of soil. What makes it so is that the root doesn’t have to struggle so much to find nutrients since they are all provided. This makes the focus of growth to be lateral other than that of the root system. Pest , bugs and diseases stand little chance against your plants with hydroponics. You have your work cut out for you in as far as going green and increased productivity is concerned. Stress on issues like not having land and having your top layer eroded become null and void.

This is where your hobby in gardening is suddenly brought to life this time hydroponics growing being you go-to form of gardening. Not only will you be enjoying organic plants that you’ve planted on your own but also year in year out growth. It can also be a way of bonding with your family with everyone having a contribution in the farm. Its also very friendly to gardeners who are just starting out whatever the case your plants will love it. The result will be healthy, voluptuous and very scrumptious plants.