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How To Save Money on New Floating Dock

There will come a time when you want a new floating dock or you get another one. However, you will likely hold off for one obvious reason and that reason is money. Building a new or adding another dock involves spending money to manufacture and transport the dock parts and paying people to assemble those parts.

Having said that, there are those who choose to build the floating dock themselves. If you are not much of a builder you can still save money through making smart choices in materials and finding ost effect shipping methods.

Review the different materiasl that you can use and see where you can get the most savings. As framing material, consider using galvanized steel. This material is often compatible with most of the other needed materials and they are included in kits. Moreover these frames come in various sizes. You can choose somewhere between 2 x 8 and 8×10. Take note that larger frames weigh heavier and it affects shipping costs. So, large galvanized steel frames can weigh up to 300 lbs. It is important to take note that frames made of galvanized steel may not be a good choice depending on your location. That is because can easily rust and corrode with changes in weather.

So moving on you next option is treated lumber. You can get this kind of framing locally. A floating dock kit with treated lumber usually comes with steel brackets as well as fasteners and if you must ship it, the costs would not be as expensive as the first material. Then again the larger the dock the heavier is can be and there goes your shipping expensed. The good thing is that you can easily find this material in your locality. This means you get to save money on shipping expenses.

Your third option is aluminum. Unlike steel or wood frames aluminum is very light. Take note however that this light materials does not automatically mean that it takes cheaper shipping costs. Take note that because of the fact that aluminum frames usually come as units that are welded, they take up space and that adds up to shipping fees. Consider the fact that packaging is dependent on the manufacturer which is something you also need to look into.

The lesson behind this is that research is important when you want to so save money on materials. choose the best materials that suits the weather and the location. Next check if you can source all the needed materials from a local supplier. Through that you avoid shipping fees. That said check out the nearest Decks & Docks Lumber Company which is your most reliable supplier.

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