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All About Vape Juice

The aerosol of electronic cigarette is produced only when eliquid or also known as vape juice has reached a temperature of 100 to 250 degrees Celsius within the chamber. The user will inhale the aerosol or frequently referred to as vapor than cigarette smoke. Basically, it is the aerosol that provides you with a feel and flavor similar to smoking real tobacco.

In physics, vapor is what you call to substances in gas phase whereas aerosol is the suspension of small particles of solid, liquid or even both within the gas. Vapor from electronic cigar is simulating tobacco smoke but the whole process of burning tobacco does not take place. The aerosol is made from liquid submicron particles of the condensed vape liquid, which typically compose of glycerol, propylene glycol, flavorings, water, nicotine and several other chemicals.

Various chemicals in aerosol is what given rise to different issues that are concerning the safety of using e-cigars that have been discussed several times. After puff, inhaled aerosol is travelling from the device to the mouth and then to the lungs.

Once the user inhaled the aerosol, it will be exhaled like regular cigars. The emissions from e-cigars aren’t comparable to cigarette smoke or environmental pollution as their chemical composition and nature are totally different. The particles are actually bigger with the mean size of 600 nm in the inhaled aerosol while 300 nm in the exhaled vapor.

On the other hand, bystanders and other people exposed to such particles from the exhaled e-cigar vapor, there is a concern that the mainstream vapor exhaled by users might be inhaled by bystanders most especially indoors and can create adverse effects on their health. It is advised that no meaningful amounts of co2 are emitted because of the fact that ecigars use e juice that involves aerosolization process.

And because of this, it is unlikely to cause any cardiocirculatory effects. However, expectant mothers who are using electronic cigarette might possibly result to inadvertent health risks to their offspring. Ecigars can also pose safety concerns to children like for example, indoor surfaces can accumulate nicotine where the ecigars were used that could be inhaled by children.

On the other hand, e cig juice is basically the mixture in vapor products like electronic cigars. The primary ingredients in e-liquids are typically nicotine, glycerin, flavorings as well as propylene glycol. There are some vape juices however that are sold without nicotine, flavorings or propylene glycol. You know that you are buying the best vape juice if the manufacturer can provide you with different levels of strengths and flavors.