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Why Traditional Smoking is Not Safe Traditional smoking is no longer cool to anyone at this age and time. By now individuals have started realizing that smoking comes with a number of negative things that give electronic cigarette an upper hand.Individuals around smokers as well as the smokers themselves who have had an experience with both an electronic cigarette and a traditional cigarette can easily not the difference between the two and is most probably to give the electronic cigarettes an upper hand.There are a number of factors that makes use of electronic cigarette better as compared to the traditional smoking. Among the reasons as to why one as a smoker should switch to e-cigs, they do not have that distinctive odor that always leaves one’s mouth smelling awkward. Most individual enjoy cigarette by due to the fact that they will remain with an odor that their marriage partners or even workmates keep complaining about. The traditional smoking of cigarette makes a persistent odor even one brushes his or her mouth hence remain being a nuisance to the person in question as well as individuals around him or her. It is also unfortunate that the tar in the cigarette burn and cling on the walls around, the car, the hair, the clothing among other places. It is worth noting that the electronic cigarette does not burn tar which is responsible for the odor found in the traditional cigarette. As a result individuals who have had an experience with the two have ended up preferring to use the electronic cigarettes to replace the traditional cigarette and cigars.
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Another reason as to why one should switch to electronic cigarettes is due to their price. In the long run, the electronic cigarettes are less expensive when compared to the cost of the traditional cigarette. Addition of the cost of the ashtray, the lighters as well as the tax imposed on the traditional cigarette do not only make them harmful but also expensive as compared to the electronic cigarettes. Although individuals have complained the higher initial cost of purchasing a vaporizer, individuals who have purchased it have ended up accepting that an electronic cigarette is definitely less expensive when compared to the traditional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette tends to half the money one uses on cigarette a factor that has made people who have migrated to usage of the electronic cigarettes to stick to it and completely quit the traditional cigarettes.
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Many countries do not tax electronic cigarettes a factor that makes them far much cheaper as compared to the traditional cigarettes. It is also a fact that which the chances of taxes related to traditional cigarette may increase with time, the industry producing the electronic cigarettes is going to stabilize and hence more chances of selling the electronic cigarettes at a cheaper price. A good number of fires have been caused by a cigarette across the world where the left over was inappropriately disposed and consequently caused a fire.